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Families Kathrein & Gritzner

More than just an accommodation. We are a proud family business with many years of experience. From our beginnings throughout the years up until today, hospitality has always been our highest priority. Another important factor, the familial spirit, so definitive and ubiquitous at our house, extends to and always includes our dear guests. You will instantly feel the difference!

We place great importance on creating an authentically calm and relaxing atmosphere. At our house you can slow down and leave your everyday worries behind. As a guest of the families Kathrein and Gritzner, amidst a feelgood-oasis surrounded by a down-to-earth alpine flair. Here, you will definitely feel at home right away. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Viktoria Gritzner

Together with her father Johann and her husband Roland, she manages our hotel. You will most likely find her behind the reception desk.

Roland Gritzner

Restaurant chef and dog sitter/trainer.

Johann Kathrein

Johann Kathrein took over business from his parents Maria and Johann, Sr. He takes care of kitchen and office.

Brigitte Kathrein

She was the Good Spirit of the house. Sadly, she passed away in June 2019.

The history of Hotel Bergfrieden starts in 1955.

Johann Kathrein, Jr. and his wife Maria build a homestead for themselves and their five children to live in.

1963 Johann Kathrein, Sr. opens up the second guesthouse in Fiss after the “Gasthof Lamm”.
1969 The bar “Blaulicht” opens its doors. For many years its reputation even extended to federal state capital Innsbruck.
1972 Raising of the building from two to three floors.
1976 Family extension phase – 4 children: Johannes, Philipp, Maria and Viktoria
1981 Johann Kathrein, Jr. and his wife Brigitte take over the hotel and manage it to this very day.
1982 Yet another storey is added to the already existing three floors.
1984 The bar closes – the hall is added
1985 Renovation and conversion to a hotel
1993 30-year business anniversary
1994 The bar and the elevator are built
1997 Johann Kathrein, Sr. died
2000 a new cosmetics room is added
2001 renovation of the rooms on the 4th floor
2003 renovation of the balconies and the house front
2003 40-year business anniversary
2004 renovation of the rooms on the 3rd floor
2006 renovation of the reception and the bar
2007 renovation of the bathrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors
2008 renovation of the dining hall and the hallways
2009 more minor renovations
2010 more minor renovations
2011 renovation of the wellness area along with sauna and steam bath
2012 more minor renovations (parking area)
2013 renovation of the basement along with the heating room, toilet facilities and ski room and storage
2014 more minor renovations and the “passing of the torch” from Brigitte Kathrein to her daughter Viktoria
2016-2018 the family is growing – 2 children: Matteo and Laura
2019 Brigitte Kathrein died; all windows and doors are replaced
2021 Maria Kathrein died
2021 Purchase of our new hotel car with license plate “LA WUFF 1”
2023 renovation of some rooms

Alte Ansicht - Hotel Bergfrieden, Fiss
Geschichte - Hotel Bergfrieden, Fiss
Alte Außenansicht Sommer - Hotel Bergfrieden, Fiss
Alte Außenansicht Sommer - Hotel Bergfrieden, Fiss
Besitzer Johann & Brigitte Kathrein - Hotel Bergfrieden, Fiss
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