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Wellness area

Wind down and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Our wellness area offers you a calm setting where you can forget all your worries and find inner balance. Hotel with Wellness in Fiss: the best place to enjoy away from your everyday troubles. Recharge your batteries surrounded by a spectacular mountain view. Relax your body and soul. Enjoy our extensive feel-good programme. Besides our pinewood sauna, we offer our guests a variety of massages, bath options and treatments. The revitalising effect speaks for itself!


A cosy pinewood room with its characteristic aroma guarantees great pleasure. A place for people to gather in a harmonious atmosphere where conversation is easy but not a must. In the presence of pinewood both heart frequency and blood pressure settle to a restful level, enabling a truly special kind of relaxation!

Breathe in the etheric pinewood oils congenial to sleeping and let yourself relax. A soothing nap is always possible. The anticonvulsant effect helps your body and mind to calm down in the best possible way. A truly remarkable phenomenon in terms of ease and comfort.

Pinewood Sauna

Pinewood sauna

Far away from everyday stress and worries. The perfect setting for your relaxation process. Clear your head and find peaceful balance in an aromatic atmosphere. A visit to our sauna is the best thing you can do for both your body and mind.

Steam Bath With Swarovski Crystals

Steam bath with Swarovski crystals

Classy aesthetics and wonderful relaxation. Experience the pleasant ambiance and find your inner balance. Use the opportunity to surrender to the moment completely. Wind down and relax. Nothing easier than that in this wonderful environment!

Pinewood Relaxation Room

Pinewood relaxation room

Find rest and inner balance in an atmosphere of perfect harmony. Boost your energy levels and calm your mind. Enjoy the peaceful setting and help yourself to a well-deserved pause from the hectic world outside. Breathe in deeply and indulge in the wonderful aroma!



Because it just feels right. A massage offers you relaxation and so much more. It is a heavenly pleasure not to be missed under any circumstances. Choose from a variety of specific massages that all help you to regenerate and find inner balance.

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Packs And Body Treatments

Packs and body treatments

For an encompassing sense of well-being. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath in order to get rid of tensions and stimulate your circulation. Of course, this kind of treatment offers even more advantages. Regeneration and feelings of joy – what more is there to be desired?

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Facial Treatments

Facial treatments

Cleansing and revitalising. Experience the incomparable magic of our facial treatments. See for yourself what little miracles these methods can deliver. Let us pamper you and truly get your money’s worth!

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At our hotel, you can buy a variety of hemp products. From hemp cosmetics to oil, from hemp tea to blossoms, from hemp flour to beer.

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